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thoughts [May. 14th, 2005|11:48 pm]
[mood |irritatedirritated]

can we mean the things we say?
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Yet another month goes by [Apr. 25th, 2005|09:37 pm]
Drawing boot camp is done
I'm extremelly happy with my improvements in drawing
I wish i could post this on myspace but people are there
Another month closer, yet it seems so far
Leanne, Brandon and I = awesome times and drunken times and camera smashing times! HA!
who wants to go to bed at 5am when you can have a wrestle mania match? HA! WE DO!
Diving is sexy. Lets sexy it up
Class starts tomorrow at 8am! WOOOO!
and it is that way every day 5 days a week for eternity and beyond.
You come to my country
You stay at my house
I like sex
Tankou we!
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Napity Nap Nap [Apr. 6th, 2005|01:48 am]
- I just napped from 8pm till 2am and man it feels good. But Now I'm going to be all screwed up in my sleep style against the rest of the normal civilized world.
- It's penguin domination over at drawing boot camp as I get more and more people to join the list of penguin enthusiasts by adding penguins onto their drawings.
- Girls are fun when not being weird
- I make drawing fun!
-Good day all!
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From here on out [Mar. 25th, 2005|08:33 pm]
No more stories,just one liners so here it goes.

Last Night Norma jean and Unearth
Norma jean rocked my pants so hard that i think they just got tighter.
Unearth was good
Atreyu was a visual assault (not a plus by the way)
We had pizza at this place where brazilians happened to work there so we talked mad smack about mar in portuguese (not)
Mar yells at people with the window closed which was funnier than actually yelling at the people
Than she yelled at girls with big butts....hate hate hate!!!
I stayed in school from 11 till 3:30 to finish a portion of my hw
I drew for 9 hours today
I'm about to go to a show
Tomorrow im going to the juliana theory and zao and sinai beach
Leanne is coming to kick it on monday or sunday
monday its get lost in sf day
I have mad homework for break
I'm going to monterey for some drawing and relaxing time
I might go to san diego half way through the week woooooOOOOooooo
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alive or just breathing? [Mar. 21st, 2005|03:30 am]
[mood |awake]
[music |flaming lips-One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21]

BOTH! So for all that i haven't seen or talked for a while this is what is up in my business:

I have 14 hour days of drawings
I get home and cry than i go back to drawing
I wake up freaked out that i missed class
One of my bestest friends in this life just lost a close relative and I wish I could be there to do something or confort her but things are a mess right now
I miss my friends
I will probably head north or south for break
I admire my brother
I made some really good friends in drawing boot camp
Art kids> Sound kids
Norma Jean and Unearth on thursday
Pixar was fun
I started writing some music
I love doing art and its sooo much more relaxing than the audio stuff
I hung up my gestalt and the light above it is finally working which makes it looks x2 as cool
I'm ALMOST good enough to add drawing to my list of "GOOD SKILLS" because girls only want guys with GOOD SKILLS! ha!

So basically thats whats up and why I haven't surfaced in a great long time. I miss you all and in time we shall rejoice.
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Wow [Mar. 11th, 2005|03:47 am]
so i never write on this thing anymore. But here are some new thoughts and events:

-I love 80's clubs
-I love drinking
-I discovered a new love....long island ice teas.
-I have a tight group of friends that just loves to go out and have fun and fun RULES
-Awesome weekend ahead and we started the weekend on thursday....thats right...THURSDAY
-Shooting stars make for graet wishes, wishes that will never come true but we can only hope
-I'm a nerd
-Leanne is turning 21....SCARY!
-I'm doing some stuff tomorrow for pixar...i know i know who fucking cares.
-South park was absolutelly disgusting last night
-I finished my art class and impressed my teachers- WOOOOOOOOOOOoooOOo
-I need an aquarium
-followed by fish for the aquarium
-a homeless dude gave us a speech about the end of the world.
-than he asked me for cigarretes...shocking
-I'm tired
-Now sing funeral songs!
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the lonliest penguin in the colony [Dec. 13th, 2004|02:48 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

So here's what I've been keeping in and haven't posted because I just felt it was inapropriate. A month ago I broke up with the best person I have ever met. I'll forever regret my actions and now I have to live with this void in my life. I thought it would be easier to be apart than to be together and not see each other but boy was I wrong. I went on 4 dates and feel that I don't want sex, I just want someone to connect with. I guess i like the challenge but it is so much more challenging than I could have ever formulated.
Last week I also made another big change in my life. I decided to change majors at school. I changed from sound engineering to graphic design. The main reason for my decision is that I'm going to school with my brother and he spends all his time on our recording studio at home. So I figure I'd focus on something that I'm good at and like alot and let Yuri focus on music so we can complement each other and not have to compete for jobs later on. The other reason is because as I found out recently I need stability in my life, and with a sound job that won't really happen. Weird hours, weird places, people, travelling.
a couple of says that get me through

life is what you make out of it
you don't know what you've got till its gone
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THIEF [Nov. 9th, 2004|11:16 am]
hey im cheap im stealing the post i made on leanne's journal HA

yo leanne's peeps (ya that's right you can thank me now for using " ' " when needed). This be Dimitri now here are the incredible highlights of this night. Leanne came over. Than we got to go see dredg with Derek (hot pants), yuri (mr rockstar and also mr hey you aren't you the guitar player for chevelle? could you fetch me a water?), Ty (i'm not on meth i just HYPER like that all the time) and Dimitri (myself which i guess i shouldn't deescribe myself). So the show was great we missed vendetta red (go us!) but it was because we had to eat at Tommy's joint and man what a joint it was. Than dredg brought us a delightful evening of entertainment. After that cehvelle showed up....ya thats what they did....showed up. It seems that most neanderthals (spelling?) had a blast. So Derek and i took off and hugn out with Mark and Gavin from dredg. So i'm not sure what Leanne did for chevelle but to me it sounded like she was getting dry humped by some fat stinky guy that was behind her (good times). Than once Chevelle was done we headed out by the tour buses like a bunch of groupies ready for the cock.....oh but we had a mission. TO GET MY FUCKING DREDG POSTER SIGNED BY EVERYBODY IN THE FUCKING BAND!!! So mark the guitar player came out and we shot the shits with him for a while till it started to stink (ty's fault). So than yuri went by the chevelle bus and acted like he cared cuz he got a stick during the show. So he got tired of waiting for Drew to show up and decided to go inside and look for the guy. In the way he ran into the singer from Chevelle and asked the dude if he could go grab him a water (yuri's the best dick in the universe). Than him and Derek managed to find Drew and play fucking hangman with him. So while they did that Leanne Ty and I were outside kicking it with all the whilling groupies but cock was not in our menu for evening. So the guitarrist from vendetta red comes out, and I ate my shoe by saying "hey man are you guys roading for Dredg?" and his response was no I'm in vendetta red but he was way cool about it and gave us beer. So he than invited us to join all the bands (but chevelle cuz they are sooo cool to drink with everybody and probably underage since their songs seem to string a chord with most kids about to hit puberty). So we went and it was crazy people doing body shots, it was nuts free alcohol. The works! So than we ran into these chicks whom we had met at the sleepy time gorrila museum. One that had passed out on us and which i wished had died because who the fuck doesnt want to eat and ruin my evening? NOBODY IN MY BOOK. But her friend was cool and cute and yuri hooked up his mojo and got her number. Derek wants that number bad. Well now were back at my hosue drinking, not heavily. We have class at 9am and I'm going to love it. This is it for now kid.

your fat lovable kid-

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EX'PRESSION ROCKED MY SOCKS TODAY [Oct. 30th, 2004|01:51 am]
WHAT A FUCKING EVENING. Yuri and I were asked to run the camera and record the first school reunion. Well we get there and setup and what do we find? 3 FUCKING KEGS! Heck yes my friends heck yes! So we started drinking before the reunion started. Taped all that shit till we ran out of tape and gotour party on. I had 6 beers through out the night, a cup of wine and was buzzing 2x. It was great seeing students and staff chill and drink it up in that environment. Our school prez came out with a freakin yellow glow in the dark jacket with a HUGANTIC purple E on the back. Man what a night I shall contemplate this for a very long time. Oh and tara brought me some extra beer and that was HAWT. Good times. Tomorrow we're leaving for AES for the second trip, to check out what we would like to possibly buy for the new studio.

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IT''S THAT TIME OF THE MONTH AGAIN [Oct. 25th, 2004|11:54 pm]
[music |dredg-jamais vu]

For a journal update that is! Life is freaking good. I'll have to quote the brilliant guys that come up with the ever so witty ads for McDonalds like the one that says "I'm lovin' it!". I'm almost done with my Media Sound and visual 1 class. It's freaking chaotic. We spent 6 hours today because we had a HUGANTIC ammount of timecode breaks and this one dousch bag in our group mislabeled a ton of scenes. WAY TO GO DUMBASS! Last week rocked really hard. Leanne came over with graziela and we got a bit drunk and by we I mean Leanne and Graziela cuz I'm a pussy when it comes to drinking. Than we had Derek, suave, ben, raj, chip and our kick ass insturctor steven shoot their group project at our house. To cease the day we had to havea massive celebration with the majority of the people from our class to attend *cough* sausage fest *cough* but it was fun anyways. Friday night we ended up not going to see explosions in the sky (this is the part where i kick my self in the nuts) cuz Derek and brandon couldnt get tickets cuz it was sold out. So instead we watched this one hip hop show with eyedeas and ... I can;t remember. It was good grabed a couple of drinks and took off to a party in Benicia. the party sucked but we still managed to have a good time like always. Saturday was a great follow up to friday. brandon and I went to the Erotic Exotic expo. We got in for free, got a ton of free stuff, got to see some real real real nice ladies and their incredibly revelaing underpants. derek came over and we all went to a bar in Oakland to watch his friends band play. yuri made it in with my id which was killer. Drinks were fairly cheap but the guiness made me feel a bit weird later. After all that stuff was done Brandon and I, in true snob fashion sat around and sipped some of his "siping rum". THAT SHIT IS WAY strong. Finally onto sunday night. I watched team america world police at home and than went to jam with derek, yuri, arsen and ty over at school. It was fun. CHAOTIC but fun. So this ends my HUGANTIC post because "when it rains, it pours".
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